Fairchild 3.0 Asa

ClosDeLaRoche 763

A straight-forward deck that wins on tempo and the strengths of the HB cardpool. Play it like PD with two remotes and don't neglect to protect your centrals early. Asa's ability makes it easy to get Crisium + one ICE on your centrals fast.

One remote is going to be a PD-esque Skunk-Void scoring & Rashida remote that can sometimes bait a run and the other is going to be for Nico, Marilyn and Spin (sometimes Rashida if it makes sense).

BTW don't forget to play "Fairchild 3.0" not "Fairchild". Doesn't seem like NetrunnerDB can find FC3 at the moment.

27 Jul 2022 ClosDeLaRoche

I made a little tweak and the deck feels slightly better now: -1 Crisium, -1 Vitruvius +1 Skunkworks, +1 GFI

30 Jul 2022 gilesdavis

Looks tight! I'd be tempted to swap the Eli for a Restore, it's flexible but mainly gets you back Void with an Asa trigger on top.

31 Jul 2022 ClosDeLaRoche

That's a great idea!