Crude Stone Implement 3rd at Portland, OR Regionals

forktines 473

I've built worse decks than this.

This deck was just mediocre enough to support my runner deck and get me to third place at Portland, OR Regionals. It does a lot of things, but it doesn't do many of them very well.

Mostly it Scorches. And while the deck has never successfully scored out 7 points, I have every confidence that it is something that this deck could one day do.

The one thing that I can say that this deck does fairly well is create a credit swing early on enough to create an awkward Midseasons window.

Every game that I won with this deck on tournament day was a really odd crawl, whereby the runner had gone down to 0 credits to avoid all but 6 or so Midseasons tags and I sat around 6 credits. They would scramble to credit up and try to clear tags while I would rez Adverts and try to draw into Scorches. It kinda got hard to watch after a while.

When this deck is functioning as it's supposed to it feels less like Netrunner and more like one morbidly emaciated man on a desert island trying to crawl away from a slightly less, but still very emaciated man who is trying to kill the other one with a crude stone implement so that he can eat him.

It's kind of like QWOP if QWOP was a two player fighting game.

I think there's something salvageable in this deck, but it's definitely not there yet. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

9 May 2016 spags

A QWOP reference on NRDB?!?

Got to be a first.

9 May 2016 Saan

Oh shit, that's right, you were trying to murder me! I honestly would have never seen that coming. Thanks for the game again =)


9 May 2016 forktines

@Saan Thank you for the game. Congratulations on second and happy late birthday.

9 May 2016 kollapse

This is the best deck description I have read in years. "It kinda got hard to watch after a while." <- my new ANR goal in life.

9 May 2016 el-zilcho

So, Pole Riders?

10 May 2016 forktines

@Kwyjibo I was thinking more like Tekken, but everyone's just a sloppy floppy mess.