Andy: N.A. Confidential v1.12

saracenus 1054

This was my under-performing Runner deck at The Portland Game Store Championship. I placed 4th over all out of 8.

I had 1 win, 1 modified win, and 2 losses with it. Need to find a runner deck that can cope with the current meta.

8 Dec 2016 x3r0h0ur

Works best out of leela for sure:

i suspect you saw this and drew inspiration? If not, I think the algos are not better than DDoS or second faust. Keep with it, its tough, but fun.

8 Dec 2016 saracenus

@x3r0h0ur yeah, I used your draw engine and went away from the dlr for a bit. Was using keyhole instead. I switched back to dlr last week. Lela is definitely better.