[Startup] NBN: Reality Plus (3-1 at Ashes to Ashes)

DisgruntledElf 23

This is the corp deck I piloted to 3-1 at the Ashes to Ashes tournament. Thanks to sruthless, Oddball, and wee bull for putting on this fun event!

There’s not too much I have to say about this one beyond what was in my writeup for a nearly identical version of the deck, which you can see here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/95be520a-76d8-48ee-bdec-f48c4a11e471/-startup-nbn-reality-plus-3-0-at-ysengrin-s-august-su-

One change from the previous iteration is -1 Offworld Office, +1 Bellona. It’s just too good to worry about the extra agenda point. I also added 1 Regolith Mining License for a little extra economy. Daily Quest is great, but having another card you can burst with, as well as another asset to install to incentivize runs, has been really nice. Lastly, I have added 1 Psyhographics and 1 Public Trail. The Psychographics I added because it’s the only multitag punishment in startup, and I wanted to be able to do something about people going tag me. The Public Trail was to turn on Retribution in a pinch.

I’ve been pretty happy with all three of these additions. To make room, I cut 1 each of Pop-up Window, Funhouse, and F2P. I think the original version had a bit too much ice (17) for what I was trying (sometimes successfully) to do, which is use economy to open scoring windows. Funhouse is awfully expensive, so going down to 2 made sense. Pop-up Window is a nice little annoying ice, but not so vital that I needed 3. Lastly, F2P is really at its best behind a Funhouse, so cutting one of those to match the Funhouse count seemed fine.

The one change I kind of want to try is a single Reversed Accounts. I always talk myself out of it because I think, well, if I can build up a Reversed Accounts and use it, I could have just scored points. But, I also recognize that it can create some situations where the window is open whether they run it or not depending on how taxing the server is, so I think I might try one. If I did, I’m not sure what it would replace, I feel like the econ and ice are all right about where I want them. The right cut might be one Daily Quest, but I’m not positive. They both kind of have an overlapping purpose in encouraging runs and punishing the runner if they don’t access, but I also don’t run a lot of big ice, so it’s not vital to have a Daily Quest ticking away all game to fund my economy. And while I can jam Bellonas all day if the runner is on 0 credits, having hundreds of credits doesn’t really help me keep them out at a certain point, so for my purposes them being on low credits is better than me having a lot of them. Another potential cut for it is one Retribution, which is a card I always want to see (or more accurately, want them to see) but I generally don’t need to play 3 of them. That would leave me with an unspent influence, which is probably not correct, so I’d have to look into some options from other factions to decide if that’s the right call.

Overall I was very happy with the deck and I really enjoy playing it, so if you like to try and tax open scoring windows (with some Anoetic Void backup), and don’t hate your opponent enough to play GameNET, give it a try.