Express Elevator to Hell:Italian Party Ed (Formal Tourn.1st)

Simone Suka 19

So, Ken did that again. I won a "Formal Tournament"of 14 people. All merits go to this list(i just adapted that to my playstyle):

Here a little report:

Ken vs Palana

First match, one of the hardest. He showed a nisei or a gfi from hand in first turn and put an ice on HQ so i menaged to planned into a The Maker's Eye that gave to me 2 point. Then it was all about faust stuffs, lots of siphons (5 or 6) and a lot of maker's (3 or 4) which one was able to give me 4 points(and 2 gave me 0). He put caprices on remote giving to me more accesses on centrals. I snipe the last agenda on HQ, if i remember correctly. Each case, i had 2 niseis, so good enough. 1-0

Ken vs a Blue Sun with punitives, bad things, lots of assets

After an incredibly unlucky corp match (3 keyhole runs 3 agendas, snipe 1 of 4 from hand and stuffs like that) i play a match against a corp with 5 agendas and punitives. I had a starting hand with economy and carapace, so ok. I siphoned him 1 time and maker's eyed a thing like 5 times; 4 maker's gave to me 0 points, last gave 7 with a vanity and a 3 pointer. He also had an agenda in remote but i had chances to enter there. I trashed many bad things like junebugs, overwriters etc. Hacktivist Meeting made its work. 2-0

Ken vs Blue Sun off the crisium grid

I know this match because the guy that play this deck is one of the strongest italian player and a player of my meta. I started to siphon turn 1 or 2 but i can't do many things while he started to put crisiums and caprices everywhere. I sniped an agenda from hand with Sneakdoor Beta and one in R&D with The Maker's Eye. but was not enough to win. He scored all his agendas in the remote slowly and 2 with off the crisium (not easy to get in a remote with 2 curtain and tollbooth. 2-1 :'(

Ken vs Argus I never know what to expect in this kind of matches so i started slower than normal and had a more slow set-up. Once i put my Plascrete Carapace i started to siphon him to death. I found all agendas from r&d. 3-1

10 points, i'm able to enter the top 4 for SoS.

Top first round

Corp Win

Top 2nd round

Ken vs PE

I hate PE, expecially when i find my first Faust\ Special Order after 35 cards and the corp menage to chronos project you 3 quarter of you deck. Killed from a philotic. 3-2 -.-'


Corp win. In a moment i had 2 sensie and 2 dbs on field, menaged to rez all together the turn i won.