Event: Run • Cost: 2 • Influence: 2

Make a run on R&D. If successful, access 2 additional cards from R&D.

"Some of the professionals have good instincts, but they can't see beyond the data. They can't see the matrix." -Ele "Smoke" Scovak
Shaper • Yue Wang • Core Set 36
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The Maker's Eye

If you like playing Shaper, you will love playing this card. It makes your basic run on R&D three times more effective. The probability of scoring three agendas in one run is fairly low, but you will get one of the most important things in Netrunner: information.

Notable synergies:

R&D Interface - the number of cards sum up, so you can acces 4, 5 or 6 cards in one run with three RDI installed Indexing - first you run to see what's in the R&D and put cards in such order you can get to everything you want with The Maker's Eye. But remember corporation can shuffle their deck with cards like Jackson Howard Medium - Insanity. In theory, if corp allows you to, you can access many cards with Medium, RDI and TME, but in most cases you will pick either RDI or Medium.

Everytime you will want to make deck around R&D access, you will come back to this card. And sometimes you can use it to suprise corp, the same way why you could include Legwork.

But remember - accesing many cards at once against Jinteki trap decks is not always good idea!