Lost Play in Tallinn (3rd at Baltic Finland Nationals)

Dunsch 145

Yea this was the thing I brought to Tallinn and never Expected to work out that well.

My premise was to not get last and not win 4/5 games.

OK now to how did I win any game? Luck and Woders I presume.

Now to the plan of the deck. Just force a rezz each turn gain the 2 creds either through Forged or by facechecking with more or less no risk. And then getting nice central Pressure down when the corp is not able/willing to rez the expensive ICEs. In the end everything is about pressuring the centrals and having a bit of power left to just threaten a run on the remote. Even though we have the derez and Diversion cards included the Idear is not to run econ denial but to force the corp to value where they want to put down ICE and when to rez them. Against rush decks the slim amount of econ denial is good enough to slow them down to the pace where you want them to be.

Why is there no Pinhole you ask, I like the card but well I do not pay respect to bad design choices made.

Have fun figuring out that fragile run you have with this deck the luck and balls of steel you need when you get HHN and have no Money to purge the Tag.

22 Feb 2023 Two_EG

I pay respect to you for not using pinhole.

23 Feb 2023 iceprisma

It was very nice to meet you and play against you. I especially liked our first encounter in the top 4 where your Los beat my Outfit in a really close game.

23 Feb 2023 Dunsch

``@iceprisma` yea the games were really good and it is fun playing against you. I hope we meet again!