Hot Summer Night - 2-2 at IPT Tournament

bowlsley 510

Jammed this deck together about five minutes after Salvaged Memories was announced, and managed to squeeze out a couple of wins, mostly due to runner mistakes. There might be something to refine here, but it probably needs a fair bit changing.

The first game plan with this deck is playing the NA agenda game with your 4/2s and the SanSan City Grid in the remote, except that the ICE isn't strong enough to hold off a determined runner and a rezzed SanSan never stays in place for long.

The second game plan is to tag and bag the runner. Either you gain the credit differential to SEA Source them, or you sneak out a Fly on the Wall and get a tag on them for free. Great in theory, but it always seems to be a pain to find two Scorches when you need them, and did I mention that the ice is porous?

I'm tempted to try and focus this more on the second plan, maybe switching out the 4/2 suite for 5/3s, NGOs and FotWs, forcing the runner to decide if they can afford the remote for as many turns as possible. This might be better out of SYNC? I'm not sure yet.