Advanced Jeeves Astrotrain - 1st@Moscow

gozik 407

Deck is just crazy. Fast and reliable, undefeated this day (5-0). Should note that unfortunately we had only 11 players - summer is dead season here for card games.

Strategy is similar to common NEH decks. Unlike most of them this one hits critical mass of high costed assets and wizzard cannot trash everything as you ussually install 2 of them per turn. Still feel free to defend jeeves or sansan with some ICE.

AAL - broken. Just cannot describe how good it is in NEH. You draw 2 cards, gain 3 credits (with temple) and get another install. That's like Blue Level Clearence but instead of 2 clicks you spend 0. And most fun part of this bullshit that you can reinstall it with team sponsorship. Probablly I have to find influence for 3rd one.

Hedge Fund and Sweep Weeks are too slow for this deck, as you don't need real credits. You need advancement tokens (sfss) and credits to rez jeeves/sansan(mumba temple). Don't play Subliminal Messaging (unless your opponent is broke and you know he will not run next turn). Keep them in hand to fast advance agenda with Jeeves.

I think deck is well-tuned and I don't see flexible slots right now. Still would love to read your suggestions.


UPD: Deck was built with cardpool upto Salsette Island. Use Vanilla instead of Resistors if Liberate Mind is legal for your event.

3 Jul 2016 RubbishyUsername

I've found Salsette Slums is much more effective against NEH asset spam than IG or Gagarin (because you don't have Elizabeth Mills, and don't have any natural asset protection other than trash cost). Did you have to deal with it? Or do you just race it?

3 Jul 2016 ANRguybrush

I was actually thinking about playing jeevestrobiotics with lateral growth, but this is cool, too.

3 Jul 2016 moistloaf

oh lordy i like this

4 Jul 2016 gozik

I didn't face Slums with this deck, but I don't think it will be a serious problem for this. As I said you install 2-3 new remotes every turn. Turns looks like 3 draw and install or 3 install and draw more often then not. Probably whizard with desperado and 3 lucky foundry can manage with this flood but that did never happen in my expirience. You just play resistor and pop-up on couple of servers and math is in your favor again. Slums cots money and losing tempo from its playing I estimate to be worser for runner then denying to me some assets to reinstall. I will report here if I face it.

Lateral grow was illegal at our tourney (packs up to SI), but yep it fits concept really well. Probably will swap biotic labor for two of them.

4 Jul 2016 Shmeguy

Mumbad City Hall is really good here to get temples and Jeeves. I don't believe you need all 3 SanSans when your main FA tool is Jeeves and you also have a Biotic :)

4 Jul 2016 gozik

If I manage to get some free slots here I would probabbly still play some Daily Buiness Show or Sensie Actors over MCH. I don't really need lot of temples early - I have won bunch of games without a single temple. And Jeeves is unique. Both of these cards can be recured by Sponsorship.

Probably there is an option to reduce number of agenda in deck, swap Team Sponsorships for MCH, but that will be another deck with similar idea. Don't think that MCH fits right this build.

5 Jul 2016 Nery

why resistor? why not vanilla? you are not playing tag, and vanilla is an unconditional etr.

6 Jul 2016 gozik

Liberated mind was not available here during tourney. Fell free to swap resistors with vanilla.

6 Jul 2016 Nery

I see, i've been playing a few rounds with the deck and it's amazing, with just one score you can become unstopable. I also found i rely more on advamced assembly lines than jeeves, as a 2/1 score can trigger one or more Team Sponsorship to bring them back into play and set up your nex few turns

I think a third assembly lines and a couple of lateral growths would make the deck a beast. I never saw biotic labor, do you think it's vital for the deck?

6 Jul 2016 gozik

Biotic enable some crazy shenenigans, I'm pretty fine with singleton though. Some anecdot from my expirience: in one game I was at 5 points with astro token. Draw 3 times and did draw into Beale with 3rd click. Still I was able to score it this turn due to Jeeves, Sansan, Biotic and counter:) That's lot of components but this happens with this deck as you draw a lot.

Another case for biotic - install, biotic, sfss + jeeves let you score Palooza from hand.

I did not test Leteral Grow but expect it to be great as well, so only testing can say what is better here.

28 Jul 2016 meta4

What changes would you make for MWL 2.0?

29 Jul 2016 gozik

Deck becomes even better with licence aquisitions.