Geist Replicator + Bazaar

CJFM 2251

So, this deck is mostly the Geist version of Kiv n co.'s Hayley Camera deck that's been tearing it up on I like that deck, but I hate the breaker suite. This deck lacks the FA lock with clot + clone chip, but it makes up for being faster.

Some things to be wary about: you don't have SOT, so don't lose both LARLAs. Hostage out your Tech Traders early and then just reap the benefits.


12 Jul 2016 x3r0h0ur

Given the draw power in the deck, and the major issues by not having both types of remote breakers if the B&E support isn't there, I'd recommend either an AI or -1 replicator (which you'll find soon enough with the excess draw), and add 1 corroder over breach. I've tested similar Geists and things are much better with corroder than breach (remote curtain walls are a big issue).

12 Jul 2016 CJFM

@x3r0h0urUsually the B&E support is there, but there are cases where B&D just aren't going to do the trick: usually that signals I should be drawing harder. I think cutting one Replicator could be ok. The tradeoff is that some of the time you'll get the bazaar + replicator combo going on your second pass as opposed to your first.

I don't have any statistics or relevant testing with 2 Replicator to back this up, but I recommend not cutting a Replicator for a couple of reasons: 1) the early game is where Geist shines vs Hayley and losing a replicator adds variance, 2) usually, you can get free accesses if they push in a remote behind curtain wall (sort of rare right now), 3) Curtain Wall on centrals sucks against Breach.

Good suggestion, and definitely worth testing!

13 Jul 2016 schrader

Both myself and a friend of mine have also tested Geist with central breakers, and it's not that great. Just throw two Quandries/Ice Walls/Vanillas on a remote and it gives Geist a lot of trouble.

17 Jul 2016 Ralphus1701

So what is the plan vs Sandburg? There isn't enough credits in the world that seem to help breaking past Str 7 Vanillas and Strength 9 Enigmas.

17 Jul 2016 CJFM

@Ralphus1701trash it. Get Pol Op on the board and leave it there if you suspect Sandburg. Or run and trash it.