Stock Leela (2-2 San Antonio Regional)

Therebrae 7

Coming into the tournament I was expecting things like rigshooter and rushier decks to be popular with the surge of Wu Au Revoir decks so I went with a hodge-podge Leela build with a bit of extra redundancy (Aumakua) and some toys like Deuces Wild as opposed to diesel I was seeing in some lists. I saw neither of those things and went 2-2 on the day playing against a CtM (win), Chronos Protocol (Loss, went on the major ruse cruise), Jinja Sportsmetal (Loss) and Mirrormorph MCA Austerity Policy (Win). I felt 2 things on the day 1) I need to take stock lists and not try to add too much personal flair and 2) I need to work on my standard runner gameplay.

Much love to the SA meta and thanks to @shazzner and @doomrat for setting up and running the tournament. I can't wait to get back into the game even harder than I had before the cancellation by FFG.