LynxMegaCorp 1336

Been working on this since Sandburg was spoiled. Its gone through MANY changes (hence the 5), but I feel its ready for the public eye. The ONLY Runners that have given me trouble were:

Hayley Panchatantra Sharpshooter - However, they had to go through THREE Levy AR Access Labs before they won!

Geist Trashables - They had to have 10+ Breakers installed!

Stealth Kit - I couldn't find my GFI to score out during a window - they were broke after every run turn, even with 10+ loaded Technical Writers / Cloaks fueling their rig.

Trashing Sandburg early is definitely the goal, so target servers protected early. This is Glacier and you want money - money is safety. Do not be afraid to spend a few turns building servers.

Isabel McGuire firing just once can potentially earn you 17 credits for 3 clicks - and that's just once! (Eve Campaign on Breaker Bay Grid).

Shipment From Mirrormorph covers a gap in this deck - Click efficiency. Do not shy away from it; helps get you set up against quicker Runner decks.

TL;DR - Runners should think twice about continuing a run after not breaking this. Its potential is great - 10 subroutine NEXT Silver, 8-10 brain damage, double Architect. They have to respect a TL;DR on the outside.

Brainstorm is there to make sure they don't recklessly face check. That one Whizzard who took 5 brain damage on turn 3 shamefully rage quit for a good reason.

No Bioroid Ice - you don't want anything to be porous in this deck. Strength 6 Vanilla get the job done.

EBC is VERY important in this deck. It gets your NEXT Ice rezzed (and for 50% / 33% cheaper, I might add), fetches your Sandburgs and baits runs. Use it!

My success rate on Jinteki is incredibly high - and this is coming from someone who plays jank and loses a lot.

I encourage everyone to play this - the satisfaction of having an average ice strength of 13 is just pure evil.

21 Jul 2016 Kelfecil

/bows before the one true Sand king.

21 Jul 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Gaara would be proud.

22 Jul 2016 regresssion

What is the Crick used for? My first thought was that Inazuma might do some real work as a facecheck punisher into a Cobra or Architect in the mold of TL;DR, but Crick is taking up the influence in the weird code gate slot it seems.

22 Jul 2016 LynxMegaCorp

I tend to include I like if I find they have some use. Its just there to fill the Archives slot, where I might not want to put anything else. If I can get a free install in this deck, its worth it (Sandburg, trashed NEXT Ice).

However, it IS three influence that could go towards a lot, so its since been removed. Same with TL;DR.

27 Jul 2016 Jesus_Phish

Why the Brainstorm over another NEXT Gold? The gold works better with the rest of your NEXT ice, cost 1 less to rez and costs more to break.

28 Jul 2016 GeneralCake

Played against a Geist trashable today that had no AI breakers. Cheesed my win with mother isabel :')

28 Jul 2016 The Broken Meeple

Can you do the maths on the whole Isabel for 17 credits in 3 clicks thing? Presumably you bounce back your HQ cards but how do your next 3 clicks earn 17 credits? might be being thick, but just unsure.

28 Jul 2016 Jesus_Phish

@The Broken Meeple - My guess is you've an installed Eve Campaign which is down to it's last two credits. You bounce it back to your hand for one click. You install it again for another click (which with your ability nets you 1c). You install the Breaker Bay Grid, then when you rez them both, provided Eve stays alive you've effectively netted 17c.

That's the best I can come up with. Really you could say Eve gets you 17c for 1 click anyway because of your ability.

Maybe @Lynx Kuroneko can explain it better.

28 Jul 2016 The Broken Meeple

If he's referring to keeping it alive over the course of the game that sorta makes sense, though keeping campaigns alive isn't always an easy job, assuming you're trying to protect 4 servers (r&D, HQ, scoring and campaign service) If you're having to protect Archives as well, even harder.

29 Jul 2016 LynxMegaCorp

1 Click to install Isable, 1 click to bounce Eve / Adonis (both are good), 1 click to install Eve / Adonis.

Full Immersion RecStudio makes things a LOT easier. :)

23 Aug 2016 maxmallard

@Lynx Kuronekoyou said earlier that you have replaced TL;DR and Crick...can you say what you replaced them with and if you've made any other changes to this deck? Thanks!