Toronto 2016 Regionals 1st place

Vikk 27

This is the deck that got 1st place at yesterday's regionals held in Toronto. The event gathered 41 players that had a chance to duke it out for the last time with the anarch engine not affected by the new MWL. This is partly why I brought Whizzard, as somewhat of a swan song to the archteype in this form. The deck was defeated once on the day of the tournament and round went as follow.

Round 1: Played and won against HB Sandburg. Getting a Faust early meant I could run super aggressively, get ICE rezzed and harness the incredible power of cutlery against bioroids. Leveraging whizzard creds into denying the corp most of its way to make money sealed the deal and Sandburg was a non-issue, Everytime I play this matchup I am reminded that the original 1-armed ice feast was built to deal with Foodcoats. Low-key MVP of this matchup is also Employee Strike which strongly hinders their econ.

Round 2: Won against a somewhat spiky Palana. I made a big mistake early on in the match by using my only clone chip to bypass an outermost swordsman and contest an agenda protected by caprice. This meant that I had to wait for Mimic to contest the scoring remote. Fortunately for me, my opponent went down to 1 credit rezzing an Eli to protect HQ, which gave me the opportunity to trash the remote. Once again, Employee Strike denying an incredible amount of credits gave me the game.

Round 3: ID

Round 4: Lost against netrunner player extraordinaire Dien's Palana. He was able to perfectly rush out the gamebehind a rainbow and a Caprice before I could find a Faust. I probably made a mistake focusing too much on R&D but he saw everything he needed at the right time and played risky, which paid off handsomely.

Round 5 : Won against Hot Tubs. This matchup is an auto win as Whizzard. This deck was heavily teched towards an asset spam meta with 3 Employee Strikes and a greater amount of econ cards than what is usual. I actually tried to shift to medium digging at one point when I just should have continued shutting down his whole board. At some point he used 2 Jacksons to put back a bunch of assets so I ran archives because I knew there had to be agendas for the win,

7-3 put me at 6th seed and Shane decided to play his Palana against me in the cut.

Cut Rd1 : Palana grail with Sandburg and Museum. I think I was lucky to not get a grail blowout because I ran pretty aggressively in the beginning. Once again Sandburg did not fire even once, but the game was going on a bit too long and an earlier Celebrity Gift showing me agendas in HQ let me pummel it to get them and win before the second pass through the deck.

Cut Rd 2 : Game win because my opponent's decklist had discrepancies with his actual deck.

Cut Rd 3 : Ran and won against Haarp EOI. This win was a grind and solidified how much EOI is a stupid card that only Turntable can keep up with. I think we exchanged agendas around 5 times in the game. I saw a lot of econ early which let me dodge all the midseason windows when I stole agendas. I got midseasoned because of overextending at the end of the game and a big medium dig let me see Profiteering before Quantum Predicitve Model for the win. Once again, Employee Strike allowed me to pull it off

Grand finals: Corped and won

I would say the decision of dropping the more genralistic approach of 2 or 3 Clone chips in favor of heavily teching against bad matchups such as Palana, CI and CTM was very benefetial and straight up won me the tournament. I barely used Clone Chip during the whole day and was never missing them. I will admit though that going down to 2 Datasuckers and 1 Medium was a hard choice that ultimately paid off, but that could have gone either way. Not a lot to say other than what you already know about this powerhouse of a deck except a shoutout to TheBigBoy for building this monstrosity.