saetzero 2589

Im pretty settled on this list for the moment

No tech cards included, feel free to add what you want. This is meant to be a shell to start with.

Now just need to play more and get used to piloting it better. And I was just getting used to the world tree list too....




1 Mar 2023 anarchomushroom

surely we want pelangi in this

1 Mar 2023 saetzero

maybe? i dunno. i never really liked pelangi much but it seems reasonable enough.

5 Mar 2023 x3r0h0ur

Someone stop this man.

5 Mar 2023 x3r0h0ur

No pantograph? Son I am disappoint.

7 Mar 2023 saetzero

dzmz is better. you control when you get the value. Lizard from hand, then use paules after to get max value

12 Oct 2023 rayburton

In contrast, I like your decklists because it's helpful for bloxd io. Let's continue!