Synthwave Zahya (15th at EUAC 21)

Shorty 185

All of my games of Continentals can soon be find on Rosenheim City Grid.

Deck was build to fight PD and all the killdecks floating around (exept HPT, which luckily isnt too present in the current meta). Also placed 2nd in Lockdown #12 and 8th at the Singapore SC.

It roughly folds to non-kill tag punishment same as to horizontal and heavy glacier builds. Still the most fun runner build for me since Gateway hits! Its not as good as the builds from the tag-me peak era back when God of War Anarchs and Liza was still around.

MVP is Obelus, the interaction with Zahya is so cool (access x cards, gain x credits and draw x cards with a single click). Dockland Pass and Sneakdoor are continuously installs, the CVs are there to close of the game. You wont go super crazy on the amount of tags, a few of them are enough to protect you from most kills and to hopefully access enough from RnD to win.

I did cut all the credits denial and derez effects from previous builds. Corps are just too fast, rich and aggressive, most important thing runners can pack these days IMO are disruption, therefor both Embezzle.

Minimum tags needed for protection:

1 tag, 6 handsize for double Punitives/Neurospikes

2 tags, 7 handsize for Boom!

3 tags, 8 handsize for Reeducation+Neurospike