CtM GenericTag - 2nd and 5th at UK Nationals

Nemamiah 3576

This is the CtM list that Tim Fowler took to second at UK Nationals. I finished fifth with an identical list (apart from the Information Overload that got removed from my deck after I'd missed it off my deck list. Tournament Tip number 1: make sure you can count to 49).

This deck isn't novel, interesting or exciting. If you were looking for that sort of deck you should have clicked here.

It is quite good though.

This version is tweaked to have a slightly better DLR Maxx and Whizz matchup, specifically against the Siphon/Eater/Keyhole builds. It sacrifices some of it's power against Shaper and Criminal to do so, but the top 16 cut was dominated by Anarch so this was probably the correct call.

Blood Money wasn't legal for this event, so if you want to play this now it's out I'd recommend the following changes:

  1. Take this deck exactly as is
  2. Read Temujin Contract
  3. Read Temujin Contract again, just to make sure the numbers are real
  4. Shake your head sadly
  5. Unsleeve this deck and put all the cards back in your binder
  6. What, you really still want to play this? I don't know, maybe more operation economy, focus more on a single remote and put some Pri Sec in?

If you're interested in the runner deck, you'll find it here.

16 Aug 2016 LeonardQuirm

Hah, thanks for the shout-out! (although you should actually make the URL into a link :P)

Tim utterly trounced me with this in the first round of the cut vs my Geist. I'm not convinced Temujin Contract would have fixed that for me, but in the hands of someone who understands Criminal rather than playing it Shaper style (I just want to install all the things, is that so bad?) I can see it causing you problems.

How often did you find people started going tag-me, and how early?

16 Aug 2016 Nemamiah

Typically people are fervently paranoid about going tag-me against CtM unless they've actively decided that that's their strategy (such as all the Siphon builds).

The ideal game plan is that they avoid going tag-me early, and so let your Sensies and Bankers Groups live for a few turns while they try to money up. Then they realise that's the wrong strategy, desperately try to trash all your assets and then get hit by HHN, which you've inevitably drawn by then.

I'm pretty convinced that the correct move is to kill Bankers and Sensie on sight, even if you've not drawn hate cards or economy. If they've drawn one of the two copies of HHN then you'll probably have to live with tags, but if you don't trash those assets straight away CtM will build a horrendous board state further down the line and you'll lose anyway.