DerivativeFork - 2nd and 5th at UK Nationals

Nemamiah 3558

This is Tim Fowler's 2nd place deck from UK Nationals. I came 5th with an identical list.

It's playing a preposterous and upsetting 4 hate cards to deal with CtM matchup, which we expected to be the dominant Corp deck (it was). Testing had shown that we weren't winning this matchup consistently until the second slums got included. The list is also playing all three copies of Faust and a Corroder to stop CtM and other rush decks scoring out behind cheap barriers. As a happy side effect, all these stupid meta cards also make your IG49 matchup excellent.

The cost of all this is two or three ice destruction cards, in the form of the third parasite and some more cutlery pieces. This reduces your Palana and ETF matchups from ridiculously strong to merely favourable. There's also no space for Plascrete, but I hate that card anyway and everyone in the UK Is very friendly and would never try to blow someone up in a tournament.

If you're interested in the Corp deck, you'll find it here.