Built Too Fast - 3rd at Cambridge Startup GNK (3.5-0)

Cornelius 31

Really pleased with how this one turned out, 3 wins, 1 timed draw and no losses.

Thanks for Dr. Bees and co for organising, the day was a huge amount of fun, and so good to be back into live Netrunner. Props to the Null Signal peeps for giving the game new life, can't wait to see what Parhelion brings.

Rushes out straight passed a lot of decks, particularly anyone hoping to sit behind a wall of Rezeki's and remote camp.

If they don't install anything, two pieces of ice is enough to rush a few agendas behind then T of L for the win. If they want to boat up and hit every server/card the Wall to Wall and spin doctors make for good never-advance bluffs, Colossus makes Criminals and Anarchs sad, and a server of tithe, ice wall, archer, is surprising good at preventing repeated boat runs. with 3 spin doctors you can recur the T of L all day and the Azef can SOMETIMES get you a win, or at least a choice piece from hand if you're lucky.

There's a LOT of ice in this deck, because you need to get something advanceable down fast, and it could probably do with one less hortum, ideas for a replacement on a postcard by all means.......