Where ghosts walk, nothing is steady

lorion42 15

Some runners say, you need software that isn't trashed after using. I say this is misconception. You can call me Geist, which means ghost and I will tell you how you can break in every corperation.

First of all you need a Technical Writer. He can check your equitment and you are able to buy cool stuff for your computer like Clone Chips or e3 Feedback Implants. The Fisk Investment Seminar may help you to get what you want. Otherwise start the Rumor Mill.

You will need the e3 to enhance your Grappling Hook. Use it to go up on the roof. Unlock the lock with your Spike, remove the lock with a Shiv and open the door with a Crowbar. Once you where in, you may see some guards. Kill them. Hire a Sharpshooter or use godly assistance.

On the corps servers there are agendas. Somewhere. Steal them! The Spy Cameras will tell you where. If you get them. Run! Jump in your Sports Hopper and drive by some sandburgs. You will need legwork. They want to find you, so you need to jump in your Rabbit Hole. Use a Forger to frame a Fall Guy. Or go Networking with your Political Operative.

At last, after you sell everything to your Tech Trader, use this Levy AR Lab Access to do Same Old Thing again. You will run often and you will run hard, but you need to run, because nothing is steady and every run will get you more money. Don't be just a runner, be a ghost!

19 Aug 2016 Krams

Great writeup! :)

Somehow it feels odd to see Rabbit Hole as a 2-of, I always think of it of a 0-or-3 :D