A poem for a bad deck

Cliquil 1208

So follows a tale of woe,

Of a foolish player who so

Convinced he was of asset spam

Did abandon his practised shaper pla....m

And said to himself "These crims are top,

They've gained some toys from Donwfall's drop

I shall play a blue deck, that'll be right

And I'll apoc them all day and all night

It may not be what I want for fun

But I feel the need to win when I run"

But his view of the meta had been so-so wrong,

He got well beaten all day long.

The first he faced was 59 cards, thought was not prison

And it had 3 grids by the name of Cris...on (Crisium),

He apoc'd it once, with great aplomb and a little ruse,

But anyway he went on to lose.

The second he faced denied him clicks,

As if it did it just got kicks,

He had four points but no Early Bird,

And so he hoped for better in the thrd.

The third he faced a Chronos spiky,

And he thought "Oh...crikey,

I can try and get passed this Kakugo's nick,

But the corp player just gets to pick!

He'll nab the apoc, my hopes are dashed,"

In all three games he tried to lucksack

But his lucky pants he did not pack,

In the fourth game though his luck came full blooded,

And the MTI he faced was badly flooded,

He did not deserve the win and yet,

It was all that this deck could get.

The were some interesting takeaways though

Blueberry Diesel is a good draw card

Flip Switch is a really good card. In the 4th game it completely saved me from a Chiyashi death and allowed me to run very aggressively. I don't think apoc is the answer to what makes Flip Switch great but I think it is well worth an investigation by people who want to run aggressively.

Always have a Backup Plan didn't help much. it doesn't help at all where your biggest fear when running is not an end the run but the damage you'll take along the way. I think it will ultimately not make the cut in a lot of decks but I remain perfectly ready to be wrong.

If you, dear reader, want to take one lesson from this it is this:

Play the deck you've practiced and had fun with, don't pick up a half baked idea 2 days before the tournament in a panic. It is a really poor idea. Especially if its a deck idea you don't even think will entertain you.

27 Mar 2019 Angedelo

This write up deserves more attention, great stuff