Northern Skorpios - 12th - Euros 2018

ff0X 819

A nasty deck that plays really well and has quite a few outs. Thanks @Terrificy

5 Jun 2018 JakeHelms

Happy you made it to the cut! You're so welcome : - ).

5 Jun 2018 Shmeguy

@ff0X where were your outs when you played my maxx? obviously a trash list

Congrats on doing much better than me though ya earned it

5 Jun 2018 ff0X

@Shmeguy Well, I try to be a nice person and let MaxX players have some meaningless wins, so they keep showing up with that ID for a proper tournament. :P

Thanks you for your praise, I am happy though that I didn't have to face you during the Swiss. Because all our games so far were quite interesting but also quite demanding. :)