1st Place SC Hasselt: Guessright (3-1)

ryanbantwins 2433

This is the deck that I played at the SC in Hasselt where it went (3-1) paired with Dypermill Kate. Its an improved version of the guessright I played at the Euregio. Important to note Quorum wasn't legal yet.

For those who don't know how it works.

*Mushin advance your traps and your agendas

*Keep recurring your Mushins over and over

*Mushin advance even more

*Protect R&D with all you got (unless you play against siphon spam)

*Install psychic field and Bio ethics. Psychic field is more to scare them, so they don't check the bio-ethics

*Either kill the runner when he overextends/runs on a trap or CanP and 2xadvance for the 7 points

The biggest difference with the previous version is the ICE. Obelus whizz is less popular and sweeps week is less needed so I have some free influence. Hive is an amazing way to tax R&D because most of the time you don't want to score your agendas early. Mind game has an insane good ratio and it's subroutine is nice if you send them to a 4 adv card. It's a better etr. And komainu is still good, especially against Faust.

Preemptive action gives you untrashable recursion, and is a nice addition to JH. You need them both.

Snare and a fetal to punish aggressive runners on your centrals. You can also keep shuffling them back in if you want.


Round 1 vs Apocalypse Maxx: I kept my hand with a sure gamble and a mind game. Not great but it could stop a turn one siphon. Instead he keyholed me 3 times including a Future Perfect and JH. A clutch Peermptive action and an extra ICE was nice for my second turn. Meanwhile I saw the apocalypse with the Maxx trash and he installed a DDoS. I manage to score a Prireq to rez a free komainu as my outermost piece of ICE on R&D. When I mushin advanced a junebug, he went deep but managed to apocalypse me. After that it became a crazy game. Every time I mushined or even IAA something he had to respond with either apocalypse or a Vamp. A hard fought battle and the endless recursion of the vamp was breaking me. After a while when he was on 6 points he ran second click on R&D and saw a Future perfect. I only had 2 creds and no way to shuffle my deck nor ICE in front of R&D. GG It was my only loss of the day, But also the best game.

Round 2 vs Nexus Kate: The mushin spam was real. I defended R&D a bit and especially the komainu was slowing him down. Meanwhile I kept Mushin advancing more cards. After I had 5 4xadv cards he decided to check the last one and found a 3-pointer. He didn't dare to run the next mushin advance and I finish with Adv adv CanP. It was a true minefield.

Round 3 vs Temuwhizz: On his second turn he eats a snare and ends his turn with 1 card in hand. Brainfart.

Round 4 ID: We played the boardgame patchwork, I did win twice tho :p .

Finals (coming from winners bracket) vs Nexus Andy: He puts a lot of pressure on me with an early medium. He even femmes my mind game because it's actually expensive to break. I'm very aggresive in my purging and can stabilize with Hive-Komainu-Vanilla-Mind game on R&D. I keep a healthy credit pool in order to defend against a double siphon and Mushin adv 2 cards. He's very rich and legworks my hand twice not being able to steal the future perfect. A double siphon gets solved by archived memories for Medical RF and I keep his medium down with purges. When he runs on R&D and sees that I'm gonna draw CanP, he thinks for a while. I can see him looking at my 2 4xadv cards and debating whether or not he should check one of them. He decides not to and I finish with CanP adv adv. It was a hard call to make on his part, because they could also have been traps.