Surat-Taping Assembly Lines

Krams 818

This is a deck I've been playing on JNet recently and I think it's fun and not even bad ;)

The main idea is to do a lot of things in the timing window after the runner started his turn, but before he's able to spend his first . You can use Advanced Assembly Lines installed in a naked server to install ICE and gain an EtF cred. Or you can use Jackson to shuffle back in what you just discarded before the Rumor Mill. Or you can rez ICE. Like all of them. For free. Yeah, that's like, the whole point of this deck. Let me explain...

Brain-Taping Warehouse is pretty strong in that timing window, because it (usually) works as a 4 discount on all ice in the deck. So you want to rez ICE in that window. Outside of a run. To do that, this deck usually builds up one big remote with lots of IE in front of it and lots of upgrades in it, including the key card Surat City Grid. The Grid gets rezzed and then, afterwards, the other upgrades get rezzed, triggering the Surat ability, which allows the Corp to rez any card for a small discount, including ICE. Note that rezzing ICE in front of the same server triggers Surat again, letting you chain the effect. That way, a single Prisec can be used to rez all ICE on that server plus another ICE on a different server.

The ICE suite may seem a bit expensive, but the deck is rich enough to be able to hard rez a few bigger ICE from time to time and if you manage to pull of one decent Braintaping + Surat combo, most ICE can be rezzed for (almost) no cost. Surat alone is 2 discount,Warehouse alone can be about 3 discount if they run first and together they can provide 6 discount at start of runner's turn. So, usually, you should be paying around 0-2 for rezzing any ICE that isn't one of your three absurdly huge barriers and even they can be rezzed easily, because a) you are rich enough to afford them and b) BTW is not unique! Surat + 2 of them can add up to a 10 discount! or c) you are rezzing them with Priority Requisition scored behind Ash and Caprice. Yep, that happens. Especially if the runner is scared to access the Prisecs you rezzed in that server to be able to rez the heavy hitter ICE in front of it.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the deck.
If I were to add anything, it'd probably be a 3rd Surat, a few more ICE or some tag punishment.
If I were to cut something It'd probably be Adonis (because the deck can get so rich, it doesn't have anything to spend the cash on and Adonis is the slowest eco, so it'd be the first to cut) or Caprice (because I, personally, completely suck at Psi games).

Thank you for checking out the deck :)
Any comments are welcome!

16 Sep 2016 Foxtrott

I'd personally go -1 Caprice, -1 Adonis, -1 Markus, +1 Surat, +2 Eli.