More Mti (German Nationals 4th)

TugtetguT 1946

I got scared of MaxX and slotted Ark Lockdown. Drew it 3 times during the tournament - two of the times it straight up won the game removing essential breakers. I'm not sure the include is worth it in general though and I did miss Attitude Adjustment.

I'm not sure what to do with Mti after Surveyor got restricted, but its the corp I'm the most nervous about sitting in front of as any runner so it's what I'm playing as corp.

Losing GFI's is a big deal, but this deck still felt fine. I did lose two games with it in the cut, though both were rough games where I lost really fast which will happen from time to time I guess, it made me miss Jackson Howard.

This version only has 2 copies of Mumbad City Grid and while I didn't play a game where I found myself begging to draw it I still think 3 might be better.

Thank you to everyone I got to play with and meet in Düsseldorf, it was a ton of fun to participate in this tournament with everyone of you.

6 Sep 2018 Vortilion

A pity I didn't have the chance to meet you! But I'm looking forward to our matches on ;-) Glad to have one of my favorite IDs in the TOP Cut, especially maneuvered by you!