Trickster Smoke

mewmew 19

First draft with Downfall cards.

With Equivocation, Khusyuk at full capacity effectively sees 7 cards. Hopefully, they turn into 2 agendas. We are not running 3 because I am concerned about drawing all of them too quickly.

Also, I'm not sure how well this does against asset spam (haven't faced a lot). Here's hoping the Equivocation and Bankroll do enough in that match-up.

One weakness of the deck is Corporate Town. Also, Jinja City Grid decks are a hard match-up.

The Artist I'm not sure about still.

I usually just try to keep the Corp thinking that Smoke could challenge the remote at anytime in the early game even if I actually can't (credits and Self-modifying Code are good here). Alternatively, force the Corp to spend money on ice. That sometimes buys me time to set up for the Khusyuk runs later.

And yes, there is no Cloak in this build.