[2016 French Nationals Winner] Originality is overrated.

YodaSensei 295

So, I hadn't played Netrunner in a while : ony one tournament over the last 12 months, and a few Jinteki games here and there when I could find some spare time at work (don't tell my boss! :) ). I had no clue about the meta, so I heartlessly stole decklists from nrdb, played them a couple of times with a friend and went with that. Many thanks to the people behind the decklists for doing the actual building and testing (I have linked the original lists) : all credits go to you!

The deck went 3/2 in the rounds and 2/0 in the finals. I can't blame the deck both my losses are due to my own mistakes : I first lost to a Sol which I had mistaken for a CtM (leading me to not trash SanSan one turn earlier for fear of being tagged ...), and another to a NEH butchershop, mostly because I didn't know the meta and wasn't expecting a kill deck. Wins included games against Russian NEH (x2), PE, SYNC and CtM.

Like I said, this decklist is mostly a copy-paste, my only changes / personnal choices that may differ from the canonical build are : Gordian Blade instead of Yog (because I hate to have on rely on datasuckers) and John Masanori (since it combines so well with Temujin, Datasuckers, Security Testing, Desperado, Networking ... the whole deck actually).

Not sure if I would change something after having played in the tournament. I didn't use Mimic once in the tournament (since most of the Sentries I faced were Data Raven and News Hounds) but I can see match-ups where it could be useful.

If you have any question, feel free to ask them!

My corp list is there : https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/38112/-2016-french-nationals-winner-originality-is-overrated-

3 Oct 2016 Redvex

Congrats for you win ;)

NB: I'd go with Hotel #3 without a doubt.

4 Oct 2016 YodaSensei

Actually, I thinkg a second John Masanori would be a better drawing engine addition : It's less dependent on Career Fair to be fully optimal, and 3 copies of a unique (albeit with a limited lifetime) feel like a waste of space (Desperado excluded).

4 Oct 2016 gozik

Yep, Temujin is even better then desperado, so it's not worth to menton it.

4 Oct 2016 JoePerson

What was Rebirth used for, if at all?

7 Oct 2016 YodaSensei

@JoePersonRebirth was initially there with Leela Patel, Iain Stirling and Gabriel Santiago in mind. I used it 3 times, once to become Leela against a Russian NEH, and twice to get Gabriel's credits against PE and Sync. It still feels like a useful, opportunist card to have in the deck, even though it's not as game-breaker as I first imagined.