Criminally Minded (Top 8 Australian Nationals) 111

I played this deck and made top eight at Australian Nationals, so I guess I should post it? Nothing new really. Mostly a meta call, I expected to see a lot of CTM and Sync and when I did, this deck performed. I feel like this deck has a decent match up against the current flavour of yellow, while it can still deal with glacier. NEXT ice is a problem but if you put your thinking hat on, you can find solutions.

Took a lot of inspiration from @hasuprotoss. Extremely similar to @Stephenball's list. Extremely similar to every Andysucker out there. Why not.

  • Passport

Crucial for problematic ice on centrals. A well timed purge can shut you out without this lil guy. Also fun to drop this to encourage the corp to rez a bunch of low strength code gates that you then invalidate with your Yog.0.

  • Rebirth

This card can have crazy impact, but I'd rather have this influence point go to a Turning Wheel. The obvious rebirth is Leela. Leela bounce is scary and disruptive but I feel like the strongest Leela plays are not always the strongest Andromeda plays. Temujin pressure means you want to be facechecking aggressively to make corp over commit to rezzing ice, which messes with Leela's gameplan. You really want to set up stuff like Sneakdoor turns after bounces, which is awkward with a Sucker/Medium rig.

  • Yog.0

I feel like you need to have a cheap answer to Tollbooth right now. If you get a strong economic start against a CTM deck, you can easily contest the assets all day making taxing you out through slamming stuff in the remote one of their only outs. Two sucker tokens and three credits is a good way to make checking the remote for the potential Breaking News\SanSan less annoying. Paying through it with a Gordian or Zu over and over again adds up.

  • Femme Fatale

Femme the goddamn tollbooth. Woo!

  • Networking

Does so much work against CTM/Sync. If you see this in your opening hand against Sync with a decent amount of econ - keep it. This card has easily saved me over 20 credits in some games. Throws off Hard-Hitting News calculations, so you can often bait the corp into landing a trace that will break them, but will only cost your four clicks and credits. In a less tag-heavy meta, these probably become an Emergency Shutdown and a Same Old Thing.

  • Sports Hopper

Useful against IG, useful against CTM. Sometimes going tag-me against CTM is the right play, especially if you can deny econ, have a medium out and RnD ice is mostly tagging sentries. Hopper makes paying the Resistor trace less painful, not to mention finding even just one of these makes the CTM trace laughable. Expensive, but a lot of power and utility.

  • Medium

Medium/Temujin/Sec Testing is disgusting. Gain tempo while you RnD lock. Continue to threaten the remote while you see a million cards, eventually forcing the purge. Amazing.

  • Temujin Contract

If you see a turn 1 Temujin and RnD and Archives are open, I'd still consider targeting Archives. The archives pressure is massively disruptive and is worth more than the one free access you will see off RnD. Making Corp rez ice on Archives before they can build a remote or comfortably rez ice on other centrals is huge. This is not only a way to get rich, it's a way to mess with the corp's ice spread. Obviously a bonkers card.

Just some thoughts. Fun to pilot!

11 Sep 2016 Genesys

Great write up and you killed it on day.

12 Sep 2016 Lyncha

Well done Shaun, was great to get to play you twice. Fantastic Job to make the cut in your first year of the game!! Hope to play you again soon

12 Sep 2016 Smattc

Great work. Played well all day mate. Put away that red mat and roll with your top 8 nationals mat from now on!

12 Sep 2016

Thanks guys, but I feel like the red mat is lucky now xD. @Lyncha great putting a face to a name and @Smattc, still have nightmares about facing your Leela at store champs.

Hope we get to play some quality games in the future.

12 Sep 2016 argentross

Great write up and well played on the day Shaun!

12 Sep 2016 xloserfishx

Your Yog made my opening hand of 3x Next Bronze very sad! :(

12 Sep 2016 AberDamo4

I'm just thinking aloud for a moment: this deck, all besides Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie herself, survives the Spring 2017 rotation completely unscathed. Do we think a change of Runner identity will leave a list like this in good stead for the new format?

12 Sep 2016

Interesting question! I think this could work out of Gabe or Leela, but i think Andy is the best choice right now because your early economy boost allows you to say, trash a Sensie on turn two against CTM without much problem. I also think Leela and Gabe abilities are best built around, but i think this list would still be fine but definitely weaker in either id.

You could probably run this out of Tenma and use the extra influence for some deluxe draw or swap the turning wheel for medium #2. Popping in shaper draw might be enough to set up fast like Andy.

12 Sep 2016 AberDamo4 I was having this conversation, albeit briefly, with a good friend (and fantastic Netrunner player) from my local game store. We both agree with your assessment that Andy is definitely the optimum, and that a switch to another Criminal ID definitely sets us back a little. However, there is a significant upside to consider too: without the 9 card opener, a turn 1 Sweeps Week hurts far less, and gives CtM and Sync much less to cling to in the vein of establishing a quick economy setup. I like the Ken idea - it'll definitely be something to work on!

16 Sep 2016 clercqie

Throwback to 2 years ago, the rig is super solid.

Would you say that the 2 Networking are really necessary with all the other good economy already? 2 Hoppers is already mad CtM tech (sorta).

Also, did you feel you had enough draw on the day? Only 2 Earthrise is a bit scary to me, because sometimes you get click compressed against rush and/or IG49. Sure, you got the Hoppers as well, but in my book they are not primarily used for the draw.

16 Sep 2016

The Networkings are mostly there for SYNC. Saving two credits every time you go through a Raven is great and seeing a Networking in your opening hand in that match feels amazing. Always saves me 20+ credits in that match when i see it.

I feel like i had enough draw but going to 46 or finding room for an extra Earthrise is probably a good idea. That said, you're rich enough to use hoppers for draw even though it feels silly.

25 Sep 2016 TKO

@AberDamo4 There's no possible way that rotation will happen in Spring. The absolute earliest it could be is August, but that's assuming no delays like we just had and no extra products between cycles which is still possible.