Geist (1st Place - Store Championship - Lisbon)

brainstorm 332

This is a variation (upgrade) from my last Geist deck that took the 3th place is Spanish Nationals.

The Store Champ had 14 players and we played 4 rounds of Swiss.

This deck managed 2 standard wins and 2 timed wins.

Round 1 - Won versus CtM
Round 2 - Timed win versus Cerebral Imaging
Round 3 - Timed win versus CtM (I made a major error by discarding the 2 Levys and the Same Old thing ) - Got 4 points and the corp just 1 :)
Round 4 - Win versus Blue Sun.

The update from the last version:
+ 1 - Bazaar
+ 1 - Replicator
+ 1 - Plascrete (BOOM! is a thing even for Geist)
+ 1 - Hostage (Tech Trader is MANDATORY)
+ 1 - Corroder
- 1 - Paperclip
- 1 - The Turning Wheel
- 1 - Drive by
- 1 - "Freedom Through Equality" (this is the one I miss the most)
- 1 - Same Old Thing

Run it. It is super fun :)

24 Oct 2016 0j3t3c4l0r

Why did you change corroder for paperclip?

24 Oct 2016 brainstorm

Mainly influence. Install cost is not that important and the break cost at that point is also more or less irrelevant. The influence pip is key.

25 Oct 2016 RubbishyUsername

I like the fact that it doesn't run Temujin, although you could definitely make a case for it. Did the Zule perform well for the influence cost when there's Peregrine, Passport and even Cerberus "Rex" H2 available?

26 Oct 2016 brainstorm

Zule has an install cost very low which is good. The same as Passport but you can go to all servers. The idea is to use it only if necessary, so the times I've use it are very low. I can see your point over the 2 influence, but I really like the flexibility it gives to the deck. I might try Peregrine or Rex. Thanks for the input.

1 Nov 2016 dawspawn

This is a really cool list. Any changes you might make for Ark Lockdown and Scarcity of Resources?

2 Nov 2016 dawspawn

Also if you feel like you've got enough money most of the time (which shouldn't be a problem in most matchups), you could drop the Tech Writers for +1 Hostage +1 Forger and +1 Freedom Through Equality.