Peregrine 5[credit]

Program: Icebreaker - Decoder
Memory: 1 • Strength: 2
Influence: 2

Interface → 1[credit]: Break 1 code gate subroutine.

3[credit]: +3 strength.

2[credit], add this program to your grip: Derez 1 code gate this program fully broke during this encounter.

Khan's avatar lifted her arm and the bird launched itself into the air.
Illustrated by Liiga Smilshkalne
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Escalation (es)

#44 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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This card is not efficient, but really good for crim.

Yeah, u need more efficient breakers like gordian or yog, But this cards shines when used for insurance.

Most crims put 1 passport or peacock for unavoidable program trash, like batty or keegan lane behind dataraven.

And now we have 1 more situation. Potential unleashed trash ur stack,where u can't controll.

In this situations, Peacock is a just shit. It requres 8 credit for fairchild 2.0, and ices in meta are usally multi-sub. In passport, u can't go to remote. Single fast track can simply ruin ur game.

But peregrine, this guy is not much efficient, but affordable.

For toll, its completly same with gordain U'll spend 2 addtional credit against 3 or 6 power codegate, (This problems can solved with data sucker, too) But even if u dont have sucker, Apower 3 code gate, they aren't used much Fot yog. Power 6 codegate, simply saying dna tracker is our headache. But remember that we can derez it for 7 credit. (2 for paid ability and 5 for re install. If corp can't afford to re rez it, can save 5 cred for while)

Exchange corps 8 credit for crim's 7? Oh boy, that's almost account shiphon.

We are crims,the faction who got almost every money on the board. And in yog.0 , dna tracker, nbn meta(tollbooth), This breaker will shine.

(Escalation era)
London Library , LLDS Processor and Autoscripter will be a thing with the birds. Gets around the expensive install and the need to boost, so you probably are looking at costs similar to breaking the ICE but instead get to dereez it. Assuming that the one for barriers will also be 2 influence you can run 1 of each in Shaper at 9 influence or 3 of each in Criminal for 9. —
As someone who's been toying with London Library since it's release, Peregrine is what pushed the deck from janky fun to janky potential. I actually run it with Ankusa to complete the ice denial theme along with Hernando Cortez and Compromised Employee. —

With the release of Terminal Directive, and many Criminals looking to Abagnale as the Criminal Decoder of choice, Peregrine may seem to be a distant second choice (or third, if you count Passport. But is it, really?

Abagnale has a cheaper install cost, and (generally) more efficient breaking cost while having the same strength and MU cost. The only exception is in the case of strength 5 Code Gates - of which you'll most likely face Fairchild 3.0, Tollbooth, and Mausolus - or strength 8 Code Gates, both of which are unique; Fairchild and Orion.

What about their extra abilities? Abagnale allows you to trash it to bypass ANY code gate, but unless you're packing extra Decoders, or have a reliable strategy to recur it, you better be stealing that last agenda. Once in the bin, it's also vulnerable to Ark Lockdown, Chronos Project, and the ability from Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power.

Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord would also benefit from the trash ability, especially with Tech Traders to sweeten the deal.

Peregrine's ability not only requires you to pay to break subroutines, but also wants you to pay 2 more creds to derez that ICE. And that doesn't even include the cost and the click to re-install it!

When's a good time to use it's derez ability, then? When the Corp is too poor to rez other high strength Code Gates, and you can easily exploit in-faction Criminal econ cards such as Temüjin Contract paired along with Desperado to regain creds easily.

Los: Data Hijacker also has some indirect synergy with Peregrine, and works decently enough even without Compromised Employee or Ice Analyzer.

So, what's the conclusion? Peregrine is a narrow, specific hate card that excels at breaking some of the most common strength 5 Code Gates, but you definitely can't use it to derez ICE as easily (recklessly?) as Emergency Shutdown. If you are able to steer the board state to favorable conditions, though, you'll find out that few other breakers does 2 functions like Peregrine, saving you precious card slots for other Criminal tricks you want to pack.

A decent breaker against Glacier matchups, but you probably won't see this in Shaper or Anarch decks.

(Terminal Directive Cards era)