NWE Geist (2nd,7th,11th at European/African Continentals)

Pinsel 2567


This is NWE's slightly adjusted Geist for the second continentals. After APAC was won by @whiteblade111 on Titan, we were expecting Titan to be popular at the upcoming tournament, and thus looked for a runner that could beat Titan while not just throwing away every other matchup. After the previous Geist always fell a little bit short of the atlas train, we tried out clot even though we went down to just 1 simulchip. Surprisingly, suddenly Geist just wrecked Titan over and over again and our runner was practically decided because Geist can also deal well with ICE.

Clot BS

As it turns out, Geist has a lot of ways besides simulchip to bring clot into play to stop fast advance. Geist also has strong draw so you will find your clot and simulchip to finally get a regular clotlock. In swiss, clot was super strong.

Another tech card for Titan and Vacheron, that fell short of our expectations, is the black file. This can be cut to adjust for more asset heavy decks, which this deck struggles to beat.

All in all continentals was a great tournament and a huge thanks to the organisers and all my opponents for a lot of amazing games over the two days.

30 Jul 2020 mendax

Can confirm that this deck makes Titan sad

30 Jul 2020 ayyyliens

How did cutting the hostages feel?