The Blastoise Within

hlynurd 222

DNA Tracker is nuts, there's no two ways about it, easily challenging Tollbooth as the most taxing ICE in the game. When I saw that card I thought about how mighty this would be in Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within since Jinteki has been lacking taxing ICE.

This an old school Tennin Institute deck: Turtle up with ice without building a remote server then blast out those agendas with fast advance cards.

blast em

Throw down some taxing ICE and gear checks. Don't worry about the bad reputation that Grim gives you since clones aren't people and the people love it when you retire them.

You can do some rigshooting with Marcus Batty and then remove a well chosen breaker from the game with Ark Lockdown in matches where Clot isn't an issue.

This deck is fun to play and difficult to play against, give it a spin!

spin em

edit: please see this decklist for more recent thoughts about the deck archetype