CK Outfit - Now with 419 kinds of spice - 5th at Huddersfiel

Nem0 61

Pretty much a carbon copy of this list:

The spice? I changed the Hellheim Servers to a single Psychic Field as 419 is the hotness right now, and once you have a Broad Daylight scored, you have a potential 2-card kill combo. Of course I only played 419 once on the day and it didn't last long enough for me to see Psychic Field.

I hadn't planned on playing this in a tournament, so didn't have much practice with it but found it great fun in the few games I had played with it, so when 19 players signed up, I jumped in with this and Geist to avoid a bye.

In the end it went 2-2 on the day, beating Adam and 419, and losing to Hoshiko after forgetting to protect HQ and a Wanton put 5 points in the bin, and to Leela after getting flooded and seeing next to no money. All of which took me to 5th place at the top of the 5-3 bracket. Highlight being when John Buston ruined my master kill plan by accessing an installed Psychic Field and drawing NINE cards from the 3 I've Had Worse in hand.

I really like this deck. It feels like the spikey Weyland deck that Builder of Nations always wanted to be, and makes for some fun kills and fun games. I want to tweak it some more as I feel like some of the 1-ofs in the deck could go. Elizabeth Mills and Wake Up Call are both great in certain situations, but unfortunately those situations don't come up very often. Not sure what to replace them with, however. Housekeeping could be a rude answer to all the Corporate Grants that are about, but I'd really want 3 of them, and then I need to find another slot to cut. They may just end up becoming Crackdowns no. 2 and 3.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my first tournament, it was a fun time to host and something I'll definitely look to do again in the future, whether IRL or online.