palana 1st place Icebreaker @ Worlds

josh01 1690

uh, whatever. It was 5-0 I won 27/27 psi games in the two days I played it. maybe a bit of a fluke in that regard

7 Nov 2016 moistloaf

Wow this is a fascinating list. Grats! Did you legitimately win 27/27 psi ?

8 Nov 2016 Echo_Chaser

I acutlly kind of love this deck. Going to give it a try this week. Any chance you could throw up a write up?

8 Nov 2016 Mechanoise

@josh01 Aggressive Secretary is a fun slot. Congrats on the win. Did Batty or Caprice servers suffer against Rumor Mill?

9 Nov 2016 gammanet

I think the agg sec is for rumor mill, you figure when theyre holding it and install advance and ruin their life. no nisei trains here, just sales team XD