Worlds 2020 (4-2, 139th place) - Titan

Havvy 304

This deck has been a dream to pilot and one I have been doing for a while. It also gave one of my wildest games I've had, where I had to score out 6 points due to 3 x Liberated Chela!

I love playing Titan with spiker ICE, so the runner respects the early - mid game a little bit more.

The wins was vs 1 x Hayley, 1 x Leela, 1 x Hoshiko and 1 x Freedom. The losses was vs Smoke (won on single access with 2 agendas in 24 stack R+D) and Leela (where I did not play around Sneakdoor Access at all and got punished).

You can see my first game here at 1:40:00ish (

A shoutout to Whiteblade - I did some tweaks to my deck post Euros (replacing Owl with bigger sentries) and worked a treat!

13 Oct 2020 NtscapeNavigator

Erm, you won va that Chela deck didn't you?

16 Oct 2020 Havvy

Good point - thanks! Miscounted my Leela :)

16 Oct 2020 Shorty

Hello Havvy, cool deck! I have capture our games of round 5, you (and of course everybody else) can find them here:

18 Oct 2020 Havvy

Hey Shorty, thanks for the link! Sorry if I was salty on that game - live by the sword, die by the sword when playing Titan I suppose :)