BioDeath - Regionals 2016

aandries 1500

2 Seed at Madison Regionals 2016.

9 Nov 2016 bubbathegoat

I have a dark secret, but I think I'm ready to share it: I love Jinteki Biotech. I love playing it like I could be using either of 2 IDs on the flip side. I live for playing the kill all game, and then flipping the ID to score the game winning agenda.

So I come here with a few questions:
1. could a Jackson Howard be replaced with a 2nd Disposable HQ?
2. is Assassin delivering enough value for you? I haven't been using it lately because of the number of high-link runners that I've been seeing.
3. Would Hostile Infrastructure make sense to protect Bio-Ethics Association?
4. How often do you score that Vanity Project? I can tell you that would be my Achilles Heel; I'd try to jam or bluff it all the time.

11 Nov 2016 aandries

It's def not tuned for the current meta. Assassin isn't great anymore, sadly. I've scored Vanity before but having the threat is even better. Disposable HQ is awesome but I'd stay on 3 Howard's.

17 Nov 2016 Murse

I'd been waiting to see this list ever since I heard you were on Biotech. I love seeing top deck builders expariment. Keeps the dream alive for the rest of us. Is switching the Assassins for DNA Tracer enough to update this list, or is it kinda dead in today's world?