Asset: Political • Rez: 1 • Trash: 2 • Influence: 2

When your turn begins, do 1 net damage if there is no ice protecting this server.

"There's no conflict of interest here. These are complex issues with highly technical minutiae. It's only natural that the experts should lay down the guidelines."
Jinteki • Natalie Bernard • Democracy and Dogma 50
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Bio-Ethics Association

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This card has 3 foreseeable purposes:

  1. MIGHT be useful in Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping, as a way to get net damage off without the runner having to run or baiting runs for Neural EMP. Though I'm honestly not sure if it will be worth it.

  2. Helping flatline decks get that 1 point of extra oomph to go along with their Ronin and Punitive Counterstrike and Neural EMP. It's basically a mini-ronin for that purpose. Not bad.

  3. Being F**KING DISGUSTING SATAN'S THONG BULGE INFURIATING IN Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions. For real, this whole cycle of cards is fondling IG's balls ever so lovingly, but this one is just insane. With Hostile Infrastructure on the board and IG doing IG things, you crush the runners tempo almost no matter what. Their choices are "take a net damage EVERY TURN" or "spend 8 credits and take another net damage now". It's a major lose/lose for the runner. Yeah, it could do some work in RP, but it'll have to wait until IG is done making out with it in the back room. Oh much tongue.....

I agree, it's disgusting in IG. Feedback Filter and Archives Interface will now become widespread. —
With a rezzed Genetics Pavilion it's so much worse. The Bio-Gen lock is brutal, and with multiple rezzed Hostile Inf, you'll likely kill yourself between hitting Archives (with a Data Mine because why not) and the trashing itself. I sleeved up an IG BioGen Lock deck once, played it, murdered the runner on turn four...and never again. It's goddamn chemical warfare is what it is. —

I didn't look up spoilers for the new set because I wanted to be surprised. When I cracked the data pack and saw this card I just started screaming and swearing.

In aggressive getcha red decks this card is brutal. Jinteki: Replicating Perfection or Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions will love this as they go wide off Turtlebacks. Chairman Hiro and Ronin kills become more active on the board and less reactive. No reason you shouldn't still run Neural EMP for the option select, though.

I think the most generally effective corp card in the set is Commercial Bankers Group for how it helps a lot of different decks, but the affect this card has giving Jinteki archetypes that extra oomph makes it a fun argument over which of the two truly carries more punch.

I'm new to the game but I hate this card and hope it gets MWL'd into the dirt. Untagged runners should not be tagged for not running. —