Temüjin Null

adquen 162

This is the Runner deck I took to my first ever tournament. I played a lot of Anarch recently, so picking one for this tournament felt natural. Also, there's a reason why so many Core Set Anarch cards ended on the MWL. Null won against Palana, hat a timed draw against HB and lost against PE and Sync, all games being incredible close.

The deck basically takes the Temüjin Whizz shell, strips it down to what's possibly in, adds Pancakes and plays it out of Null. The deck plays rather aggressive, as half your econ is run-based (Dirty Laundry, Temüjin Contract, Datasucker) and Null's ID ability only makes sense when he actually encounters ICE.


Big Box: Creation&Control might just be the best big box in this format. Order&Chaos has good cards, but it's hard to top Daily Casts + Dirty Laundry + Clone Chip. The only card I really missed out of O&C was I've Had Worse - the draw in this deck could be better, and right now it has zero damage protection (other than just being rich).

Pack: Blood Money is just good. Paperclip is better than Corroder in this deck, Temüjin is sweet and Rumor Mill is nice. I used Rumor Mill mainly for removing Corp currents, but blanking a Jackson here and there is nice as well (didn't net me a single agenda, though).

Singleton: Single card is Adjusted Chronotype. Playing Wyldside without it is just annoying. The card not picked was obviously Plascrete, which was kind of a gamble. Would do it again. The deck can be rich, so you can play around damage to an extend.

ID: I think Null is a great choice for I'm obviously not the only one thinking so, there were three of him the day, making him the most picked Runner ID. Parasite + Clone Chip is great, I don't need to tell you that, and Null makes it just faster. Also, he's way more difficult to lock out by Datasucker purges and with Ice Carver or Personal Touch he can use Yog.0 to actually break Archangel out of R&D/HQ. Once per turn, at least.


Playing this deck again, I would change some minor things:

  • Cyberfeeder sounded good, but I never installed it the day. I don't think this deck needs it.
  • Levy felt useless. I came close to the end of my deck in the game against PE and it was nice to have access to a reset, but in the end I didn't use it. I think for that particular match-up Feedback Filter is the better coice, and for the others I never felt like needing it at all.
  • I'm not sure about Djinn. I felt uneasy to go with needing a full rig + Sucker(s) + Parasites + Medium, but having only Grimoire to give me MU and only Wyldside for drawing that singleton. I installed it twice, used the tutor ability once and had never more than one card hosted on it, which made it kind of useless.
  • I'm not really sure about The Personal Touch. It was there for Lotus Field, which nobody played. It's also nice to save some Sucker tokens and having the possibility to break Archangel if the Ice Carver does not show up. This card has problems (you know them), but I think it's okay in this deck.

So, in the end I would go -1 Levy -1 Cyberfeeder -1 Djinn + 1 Feedback Filter + 1 Déjà Vu + 1 Clone Chip. Without Levy, probably Same Old Thing can go as well. Not sure what to include instead. But that's purely theoretical, as I don't think I will play this deck again soon. ;)