Yeet! - Canadian NISEI Nationals 5th Place

CaKnuckleguy 365

This was my Corp deck that held out for a 5th Place finish in the 2019 Canadian Nationals. I felt it had good matchups against most common runners, and a half-decent shot at beating Liza if I could find a Building Blocks + Chiyashi early enough to give them pause and not let them just run for value all the time. Once a rezed Chyiashi hits the board, the runner must respect all unrezzed ice as Chiyshi and either able to deal with it or not run.
It also is a Rig Shooter with Roto/Tithonium + Batty, and Ark Lockdown splash. This alone can win games if you can lock the runner out of a breaker type. Having breakers that end the run in all 3 flavors is important. Don't forget Excaliber + Ag-yeet is good as an 'end the run' as well. If the runner doesn't break Excal and you have an ice behind it, you can yeet the runner to a safe location and they won't come back.

Many thanks to the folks who made it out to Edmonton and made this tournament an absolute blast. Big shout out to @bazin for being an excellent TO and putting this all together.