Exclusive Poker Party

glaivemaster 96

Alongside my Weyland deck (Hallowed Halls) this is the Ken that helped me make the cut at Dice & Donuts Preston Store Championships. This deck mostly did well because it was made for the meta - I beat every CtM deck I played against, but lost hard against Boom! which I was unprepared for (as you can see). Nonetheless, each death was at least fun and came closer than I expected.

There's not much to say about the deck. Comet is still fun in Ken. You don't get huge use from Ken's ability, but his influence is invaluable. Early Comet makes this deck so much better, and I couldn't see myself cutting down to 2, or trying to find influence elsewhere. Better deckbuilders/players may disagree.

Comet plus Networking is obviously the real star player here. Not only do you waste less clicks after a Hard Hitting News, you also waste less clicks after a siphon, or a dirty laundry run on a CtM server, or just Legwork/Makers Eye through a tagging piece of ice and Networking it away after (this is how I let my opponent score a QPM to 24/7 Boom me though, so watch out for the terrible plays!)

Run hard and fast, get rich and don't give a damn. It may not be the best deck in the world, but if you're looking for ridiculous and fun, this has to be up there.

16 Nov 2016 Sanjay

I really like this list! Playing events that replace themselves like Exclusive Party and Deuces Wild along with Comet seems EXTREMELY fun. The Networking synergy is such a beautiful spicy meatball. Click one account siphon + ALSO click one Networking is so cool.

It doesn't seem like you have a huge inherent vulnerability to boom either, even though you got boomed to death a few times... while it is always hard to cut cards, I imagine with a few extra silver bullets, you could make yourself a lot safer.

Thanks for posting this. I'm glad you did well at the Store Champs.

27 Nov 2016 Erik Lutsch

This deck was excellent against a CI wombo combo and Haarpsichord kill deck I played at a GNK. It folded hard to a Blue Sun Glacier deck, but obviously that wasn't it's purpose. Great deck my man! :D

Personal additions: -1 Employee Strike, -1 Corroder, + 1 Paperclip, +1 Plascrete Carapace.

Editorial: Never go current-less. I wouldn't drop the Employee, or I'd add any other influence free current to compete with Scarcity of Resources.

2 Dec 2016 Hongkong Koma

Great deck idea that I'd love to try. Maybe a Blockade Runner might do some serious work here and might help dropping Comet to 2 to have some inf for a tad more multi-access?