Virusfork - 1st at Milton Keynes Store Champ 5th Feb

vinegarymink 419

Took this deck to a win at the 28 person Store Champ at Wargames Milton Keynes.

Dumblefork is my favourite runner deck and while I experimented with a Sifr Kate deck that was full of hate cards, I was concerned that I might lose to asset spam or a faster ETF deck.

I expected shutdown decks of various types along with a smattering of CTM. For this reason I thought the 3rd Medium would be a good include. Combo decks generally can't defend R&D all that well, and I didn't want to lose a game because I couldn't find Medium. Medium dig is also the most common way to beat CTM.

Nerve Agent was an influence free anti CI card that would also do something in other matchups. I only installed it in a single game but it was against CI and it straight up won the game for me.

Given the extra viruses, Grimoire seemed like the console of choice. I was really happy with the choice - Turntable wouldn't have done much in any of my games and given that I didn't face much big Ice, Sifr wouldn't have helped much either.

The Hades was also an include for Shutdown decks but I didn't see it in many games on the day. I didn't face NEH Shutdown Boom at any point. I used it against CI twice, but in the first instance I was going to win anyway and in the other game they drew their whole deck and combod anyway.

6 Feb 2017 CodeMarvelous

This looks very solid and a good meta call