Baba Yog.Andy

Nick! 144

Aghora =Baba Yaga (Same Cost/Same Influence)

Identity: Other than Shaper (Self Modifying Code, Clone Chip, Test Run), the only way I can see Baba Yaga getting setup quick enough to be viable is through Andy. Programs: Getting Baba Yaga installed has to be your main priority! With 3 Special Order and 3 Baba Yaga, you have a 76% chance of drawing one of those into your opening hand, and a 95% chance with the mulligan. Breach pumps your strength 2 for 4 and breaks 3 barrier subs for 2. Faerie breaks sentry subs for free and can boost strength 1 for 1 to save a credit if the strength of the ICE is 5. Yog.0 breaks code gate subs for free. Turing and Swordsman are the only 2 ICE that cannot currently be broken by AI breakers, and Baba Yaga is an AI breaker. I have included Peregrine if Turing rears its head on a remote server. Peregrine breaks Turing, on a remote server for 4 and Yog.0 breaks Turing on a central server for 0. I have included Mimic if Swordsman makes an appearance. Trash Faerie the first time you encounter the Swordsman. Then, install another Faerie on Baba Yaga to regain the breaking of sentry subs for 0 and install Mimic if you need to get through the server Swordsman is protecting. Mimic gets through Swordsman for 2. Your main breaker suite (Baba Yaga, Yog.0, Faerie, and Breach) is installed for 12.

Resources: Temujin is great, everyone knows that! Use Same Old Thing to recur Special Order if your breakers are being elusive or for any of your events if the need is there. Security Testing is there to make some money and enhance your Temujin runs.

Hardware: Box-E makes some sense here. This will allow you to retain a hand size of 7 (to block BOOM!) and also gives you some flexibility with your opening hand if you don’t want to discard anything or be forced to play 4 cards.

Events: Account Siphon is here to make money and disrupt the Corp. Dirty Laundry is great by itself or paired with a run on the Temujin server. Use Easy Mark for some easy money and Express Delivery to speed up card draw. I’ve included Inside Job if an early access into a server appears necessary. I think Networking is a must in today’s Tag Meta. Plan to Rebirth into Leila to slow and disrupt the Corp or into Iain Stirling if you find yourself fighting from behind. Sure Gamble is here, for obvious reasons, and Special Order to help find your breakers.

I’ve found that the breakers appear fairly quickly. In testing, I’ve been able to be set up by Turn 4 or 5. I believe the ability to disrupt the Corp, all while making money and setting up your rig, along with Andy’s opening hand size, makes for the best Baba Yaga combination.

8 Dec 2016 weylandcon

That is way, way too many icebreakers. At most 2 copies of each (other than Baba Yaga) makes sense, and even that's a little paranoid given 3 Special Order/3 SOT.

8 Dec 2016 Nick!

@weylandconMaybe, but if this deck doesn't get set up it's pointless! And the quicker it gets set up, the better the deck truly is. I could take away 1 Yog.0 and add in Levy for more recursion?

8 Dec 2016 RubbishyUsername

You're thinking like a Shaper, man: think more Criminal. Who needs breakers anyway? Inside Job, Account Siphon and just some solid aggression is your best solution to ice. Can't stop you getting accesses if they don't have the money or can't really rez when they can't protect the remote. By the time you need Baba Yaga, you'll have it, and if that's turn 10, fine. What are they gonna do, score out?

8 Dec 2016 adquen

Andy for sure gives you a lot of pieces early, but I'm not really convinced that's enough. You don't have the clicks nor money to install all that quickly, so you completely miss out on early aggression and set-up like a Shaper - without Shaper's late game Clot lock/R&D pressure. I'm tempted to say if you want to play Baba out of Crim, you're probably better off with Khan. That way you can set up while applying pressure.

8 Dec 2016 Nick!

@RubbishyUsername``@adquenI've made a few changes now that I've been able to play a few games on

Replaced: Express Delivery with Blockade Runner Easy Mark with Kati Jones Box-E for Desperado (Love the security testing/temujin/dirty laundry run to gain 10 creds :D) Also reworked the breaker suite to replace Yog.0 with Passport and traded Mimic for Alias. Used the leftover influence to add in 3 Maker's Eye for the R&D pressure.

In the games I've played, I've had the rig set up by turn 4-5, at the latest, and plenty of money in hand and having caused some disruption (Baba Yaga, Faerie, Passport, and Breach all get installed for 8 creds)

9 Dec 2016 LynxMegaCorp

Mongoose over Mimic - even if just for Swordsman. 1$ to break 2 subs is better, similar install, no influence. You can lose the Mimic and a Yog.0 for a Self-Modifying Code!

9 Dec 2016 thunderfist

I'd take out a Yog.0 and something else for 2 Sacrificial Construct. You REALLY don't want them to get your Baba.