Replicating Fumiko's Prison (1st SC St. Petersburg, FL)

indeflab4 162

Want to start off by saying thanks to the guys at Critical Hit Games in St. Pete, Florida for hosting this small, 5 person tourney. Been going there for a few years now, and it's great fun every time they host events.

This deck went 2-1 on the day, helping me place first in a tourney filled with other Store Champ, ANRPC and Regional winners, including The Source's own Ve Herrman. Included the Fumiko as a shoutout to the Alcatraz build for RP that was popular, as I enjoyed making the TFPs and Voter Intimidations spiky.

Round 1: Faced off against Temujin Whizzard. He contests my board early, but no Slums, so I can recur with Friends and Jackson to keep him running, rather than setting up too hard. Eventually he runs on R&D with 2 cards in hand, 2 Street Peddlers down, and finds Chiyashi. No Paperclip or ICE destruction to be found, so dead runner. (1-0)

Round 2: Faced against Whizzard, this time Damonfork. Runner kept an opening hand with Liberated, Wyldside, Adjusted Chronotype, Slums and Dirty Laundry, so needless to say this was a rough game for me. Played 2 Voter Intimidations in one turn about 10 minutes in to hit Slums, but missed the Psi game both times, and I eventually bled enough points to lose. (1-1)

Round 3: Played against Ve Herrman who was on Aggro Andromeda. Desperado did a good job contesting assets early, but between ICEing the centrals tightly and breakers not showing up, the board got out of hand fast. I was able to clear both Employee Strikes by recurring Cerebral Static, which isn't fun against Andromeda, but had to be done. Fumiko made me happy this game, as I played a Voter Intimidation to remove a Turning Wheel with 6 tokens, and the meat damage hit an Aaron Marron that the runner had drawn on their last turn but couldn't play. Eventually the Runner conceded as Bio-Ethics wore down their deck. (2-1)

25 Apr 2017 AberDamo4

@indeflab4 So, with the new MWL update only forcing you to find 3 pips to ensure the legality of this deck for another format, what do you think the changes should be?