Chicken Deck, Chicken Pilot (3-1 1st of 13 @ Madison SC)

Ajar 1624

I've been playing Apoc Val, Alice, and Hoshiko off and on for a while, and couldn't decide between the various builds. I wanted the Valencia bad publicity, so I just hedged my bets on card choices, like the coward I am.

Dropped game 1 vs @aandries on CtM because I couldn't find a DDoS or a breaker for an Archives Tollbooth, then won against Titan because I drew the nuts and hit New Construction, SDS, SDS with my first post-Apoc Stargate run. Followed that up with a win over GameNET through a Salem's trashing my first Apoc, because I'd placed the second Apoc nearby on top of my stack thanks to Making an Entrance. That set up a round 4 showdown at table 1 with @spags in the final round. We were a bit snug on time because my Corp game was a grind, but I landed two early Apocs and snagged a Nisei from R&D for my trouble. I also hit with two Wantons, but with a known Dome in Archives, I had to be a little careful.

We both spent a while building money, and he got up to 4-5 ice on Archives. I decided to start making some runs to force rezzes, and lucky sniped an SSL on HQ. I probably should have sat back there, but I thought were were tied (I was up 5-4), so I ran Archives. I broke Aiki, let Crick fire to put a Batty on Archives, and then lost the Batty psi game after an Anansi rez, suffering a net damage. I knew there was at least one Dome in archives, and had a known Obo in Archives, so for safety I proceeded with Eater instead of breaking more expensively with MK. Turns out the win was in there anyway (another Nisei), so I was punished for my cowardice. That forced me to spend a long time rebuilding credits, but R&D was looking pretty slender as well, and I questioned whether he could actually score out before decking. A late Preemptive turned off the Archives win unless I could get there with 4 cards in hand, and with 1 card left in R&D... time was called.

He IAA'd in the remote, and I thought about making runs to put on a show and try to go for a full win, but instead I clicked for 4 credits and won the tournament on time like a chicken.

tl;dr: couldn't settle on a list so I hedged my bets like a chicken, then clicked for 4 credits to win the tournament on time, like a chicken. Bawk bawk!