My Butler is My Banker

Pantacruel 80

Ripping of the deck of the Russian Butler, I played around with this build for a while. Not satisfied with the end result but here it is.

The basic idea is to score as many agendas as possible to get Team Sponsorship to fire as often as possible. But in practice, I found this deck suffered from bad econ, making it difficult to get the engine a ice protection properly set up.

This is a "never advance" deck with short bursts when you see an opening.

23 Dec 2016 thunderfist

I really like the idea of Team Sponsorship and a bunch of agendas in Argus. I'd take out Mother Goddess and Excalibur and put in some Mausolus

25 Dec 2016 mrgoldendeal

Curtain Wall is a bit of a weird choice - I'm not sure how often you'd rez it, if ever. If you've already got a bunch of BP (and possibly recurring Lizzy over and over to remove it) I feel like Bulwark might be a better ice for the deck. Same goes for Orion.