ICE: Code Gate - AP • Rez: 4 • Strength: 5 • Influence: 3

Mausolus can be advanced.

If Mausolus has 3 or more advancement tokens on it, do the parenthetical text instead (otherwise, do not resolve it).

The Corp gains 1. (The Corp gains 3.)

Do 1 net damage. (Do 3 net damage.)

Give the Runner 1 tag. (Give the Runner 1 tag and end the run.)

Weyland Consortium • Yog Joshi • Martial Law 97
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The Spoiler that made Weyland fans around the world say: "OMG Weyland's getting good ICE!"

One of the primary concerns Weyland has revolves around its suite of ICE; the earlier cycles giving us the likes of Tyrant, Salvage, Woodcutter, and Burke Bugs, which hasn't exactly lit the world of fire. This faction has a good reputation with most of it's barriers, but other ICE types seem to fall apart. When asked to name a good Weyland Sentry piece of ICE, 99% of you will proclaim Archer, and for Code Gates most would say Checkpoint or Wormhole...and herein lies the problem, why is most of Weyland's ICE so mediocre?

Enter Mausolus, a stand-alone, strong Code Gate with multiple subs that are respectable, until you discover this pieces of ICE is the first of its kind - one that has stronger, more impactful subs when it is advanced. Staring down the barrel of this ICE fully advanced gives Faust a run for its cards, requiring 2 to boost and a further 3 to break, you can be sure the Runner will let the first sub fire. The problem comes with surprise, a thrice-advanced piece of ICE will telegraph itself as a Mausolus, which doesn't allow it to get the drop on you like an Archer would. Sure, there's Anson Rose to consider for means of boost-advancing on encounter, but then you're surrendering yourself to build a deck that capitolises on that support network, with ICE like Fire Wall that gets slow-rolled into a towering beast of an inferno, until the runner drops a D4v1d.

Mausolus is a good card, and I think any and all Weyland decks will treat this as an auto-include. Maybe someone could bluff out a triple-advanced Ice Wall to instill the fear of the steroid-ed Mausolus, but the fact remains despite the little impact of surprise - Mausolus isn't ICE to encounter lightly, and each run is going to tighten the belt of the Runner's pay-to-break pool. I sincerely hope Weyland get to see ICE like this in future packs, because Meat Damage Protection is still being printed and Weyland needs more ways to secure their beefy agendas, (at time of writing - still the only faction with a single 3/2 agenda.)

(Martial Law era)
Might be fun out of Tennin too... —
A good ID for it, in a faction native to net damage, but at 3 influence I think the asking price is too high. —
Interesting designer choice, that Code Gates get more scary, see DNA Tracker. —
Thrice-advanced ICE could also be space ICE so you can potentially bluff one of those instead —
@LordRandomness. - While mechanically possibly I don't see a lot of space ice at all these days. Wormhole sometimes makes an appearance while Orion is sometimes used as an Oversight AI target; but the times I do see wormhole no one advances it beforehand. Sometimes the surprise is just too impactful to throw away. —