Crutching the Message - 1st and Undefeated at Game Depot SC

GoHawks 321

This deck was undefeated on the day leading to a 1st place finish.

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Forgive me Damon for I have sinned. But how is CTM supposed to beat Power Tap and or Nexus/ DLR decks if I can't go fast?

What is a poor CTM deck supposed to do?


Go Fast.

Crutch it up.

Over 25% of the runner decks in attendance were on Data Leak Reversal. Not to mention the prevalence of Siphon, Vamp and or Link.

Thankfully this deck has been teched to beat the tech.

ASI was a saint on the day. If you can land BN into ASI vs. Power Tap Andy she simply can't rebuild her resource rig.

Minh MaxX? ASI + Psycho = Gold

This deck could not have been possible without Daddy Dyer. I encourage all of you to check out Snekbite. I took his Papa Smurf deck took card for card as my Runner on the day.

Who needs tagging ice in CTM?

I cut it for more hard etr to rush and reduce the power tap and/or link liabilities. 2x Enigma is so critical for the rush plan.

I could not get rid of all my resistors as this ice is amazing vs. siphon spam.

When the runner says YOLO to CTM? Data Ward is your answer.

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3 Jan 2017 spags

SO, the crutches are a few ETRs and an ASI?

3 Jan 2017 arcv2

I had the pleasure and misfortune to face this deck in the last round of Swiss as my final boss to make the cut with my Stealth Kit. The ice suite did a lot of work. This deck is the real deal and one I won't forget to test with and against.

4 Jan 2017 vor_lord

The crutch is The All-Seeing I. It's a perfect counter to power tap nexus andy.

4 Jan 2017 vor_lord

And man do I feel dumb posting that. Reading fail.

4 Jan 2017 SillySod

Does Surveillance Sweep have a place in a deck like this? It would shut down Citadel Sanctuary which people seem to be slotting specifically for CTM.

4 Jan 2017 percomis

@SillySod Surveillance Sweep only works during runs and thus does nothing against Citadel Sanctuary.

4 Jan 2017 dormio

I feel like if Nexus Andy includes maybe 2x On the Lam, it would hurt a lot. Also any deck running NACH and Film Critic. I feel like this deck a meta call; it seems like everyone in my area is running tag prevention.

4 Jan 2017 spags

Playing CTM is already a crutch.

4 Jan 2017 GoHawks

Compared to Snekbite this deck has more hard etr's. For instance instead of the tax of Turnpike you have the potential to rush behind Wraparound and an extra Enigma.

dormio and percomiscalled it, On the Lam and Citadel Sanctuary really hurt the the decks game plan. Do not give Criminals and Link decks time to set up the hate.