Renewed Biotech (1st Malmö regionals)

dksy301 44

I had a hard time deciding on whether to play NEH or CtM after Crowdfunding got the banhammer. On the night before the tournament I woke up in cold sweat, fearing the Apocalypse, and decided to sleeve up a Biotech deck that I played a handful of times in casual meetups. The idea was that you could force runs using Urban Renewal or hit them with damage on the Apocalypse run itself from the spiky accesses (Snare, Breach, Fetal, Prisec).

It... sort of worked? My biggest worry was going to time and that's exactly what happened in two of the games, once in swiss and then in the top cut where I advanced on higher seed. In the final I played corp first and got Apocalypsed and lost. Since I came from the winner's bracket we swapped sides and I returned the favour by Apocalypsing and winning the second game.

As for card choices, I think House of Knives + Shipment from Tennin is probably better than Fetals, although having Fetal does make multiaccesses more dangerous and saves a few card slots. I spent those card slots on Rashida since there are certain matchups where you just have to go fast (anything involving Khusyuk for example) and it also accelerates getting an early Urban Renewal behind end the run ICE.

Thanks to Siegl for arranging the tournament, thanks to the Gothenburg crew for helping me test the decks and thanks to everyone who showed up to the event, it was great to see a couple of new faces as well!