Mad Khush Adam (9th Edinburgh SC - 2-3)

Terje 399

Played this deck at the Edinburgh SC this weekend. Had a great start with 2 wins but then proceeded to lose every runner game for the last 3 rounds. My losses were to NEH asset spam with kill, Punitive Azmari and Argus. The common factor for these games were slow starts and an inability to challenge early, which lead to 1 corp scoring out and 2 of them killing me.

There's a few changes I'd make: 2 x Brain Chip 1 x Brain Cage might be better. And the Interdictions were largely useless tbh. In addition the Bukghalter was not installed all day, and should have just been kept as an Ika for the 0 cost and lower influence cost. Might be worth finding space for some Deuces Wild or slotting a Misdirection again, as Argus is getting popular again round here.