Mawhammer: Final Swing (Liverpool CO 3-1)

HiddenAway 884

So, this is farewell Edward Kim. My favourite operation trashing bioroid. The ID from Order and Chaos that had me buzzing ideas ever since I first saw it. I created the Mawhammer deck before the pandemic and with Edward Kim rotating out, this is Ed's final swing - and what a final swing it was!

This deck was doing terrible during practice against my fellow Liverpool players. On the day (literally one minute before round 1 started), I swapped out Verbal Plasticity for DreamNet - and all of a sudden, everything clicked. DreamNet draws a card on successful runs and Ed Kim loves running! Most of my opponents left HQ relatively under-defended which gave me windows to run and use Maw and Bhagat to cause carnage in the Corp's centrals.

Twice Bhagat/Maw had milled the winning agendas. One win was due to an unlucky Gagarin mulligan into no ICE and barely any time in the round. I found 6 points of agendas without playing more than 4 or 5 cards and held on to win. The one loss I got was due to running against a Palana playing Punitive Counterstrikes and I stole one too many agendas. I cannot for the life of me remember if I had Maw installed and whether I triggered it that turn. It may have saved me, but it didn't really matter. The deck had a lot more success than I was expecting and that was enough for me!

Aeneas Informant is there to shore up the economy side a little against certain corps. Salsette Slums was barely used except for one game where I trashed a Jinja City Grid that I had seen SEVEN times in HQ. Paladin helps with the heavy install costs.

So thanks Edward Kim for the good times of trashing those key operations and the bad times of just getting locked out of centrals because the corps don't need chaos in their world...

(Also, massive thanks to whoever gave me the dog alt ID. It was a good dog on the day!)

Gagarin (Timed win)
Palana (Almost flatlined if I stole an Obokata early)
Precision Design (HQ was very lightly defended)

Palana (Chiyashi is expensive to break...)

16 Jul 2022 Havvy

Great send off! I still have great memories of our games on this ID :)