Counter Surveillance Zahya 2 - 2 Irish Nationals

Dzerards 358

icecoldjazz's worlds Zahya deck. I switched the Mayfly for a femme encase there was any Loki Aginfusion nonsense.

Game one - Sportsmetal - Win

Too much early game pressure

Game two - PD - Win

Trashed four Rashidas over two consecutive turns!

Game Three - R+ - Loss

Got Boomed on turn 4 and Boomed again on turn 5!

Game Four - Asmari - Intentional Draw

Played anyway, got to 6 points but YOLOed through a Hydra with Femme for 11 credits into a NGO front when I should have saved up for a double Counter Serveillance through Board Controlled R&D.

Game five - R+ - Loss

Played a lot more conservatively, cleared my tags, trashed both Booms, but Drago got set up and put me in hole I was not getting out off.

So Zahya, great for a Purple meta , not so much for a Yellow one.